Back in 1999 at Greenvale AP, initial tests: bananas together with potatoes in sealed bags showed very good anti sprouting results. The idea was born.

Bananas respire a natural ethylene gas. In ripening rooms for maturing tropical fruit ethylene
gas is used on bananas, kiwis, kakis, etc.

The Restrain technology uses this same natural ethylene gas for anti sprouting control with
onions and potatoes during the storage.

Greenvale AP, England largest fresh potato packer aided by ICA Equipment & Instruments
developed a unique patented chemical free anti sprouting system, called Restrain.

Initially, during the early years of testing and developing this ethylene storage technique
was managed as a project by Greenvale AP and ICA. Due to the success of this project it
became clear that a seperate company was necessary.

In 2003 Restrain Company Ltd was born.

Today over 700,000 tonnes of potatoes and 200,000 tonnes of onions are stored using the
Restrain System.

By history we started in the United Kingdom, but quickly achieved sales in many countries.


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Generators of ethylene

Restrain Generator – Potatoes

L46cm x W40cm x H52cm & Weight 16kg

Restrain Generator – Onions

L46cm x W40cm x H52cm & Weight 16kg

Restrain Sensor

L16cm x W13cm x H6cm